The SAAM Law Office is the result of the experience of over 15 years of profession of lawyer Anca Săsăran, corroborated with the experience and dynamism of the younger generation of lawyers. The firm has gained notoriety through the high degree of professionalism, through the prompt legal solutions offered to its clients and by obtaining favorable solutions in most of the promoted processes.

We offer comprehensive legal services – legal assistance, representation, consulting and drafting, for individuals or legal entities.

We offer professional legal services for business people and we care to respond promptly, offering customized legal solutions that meet the client’s interests.

The flexibility of our law firm allows us to develop close and personal relationships with our clients and to offer them solutions in the different stages of their development.

We also provide advice in English and German. 

Law services

Civil law
In the field of civil law, our team can support you through legal advice, drafting documents, representation and assistance for: actions related to family law, actions related to property, successions, civil liability, evacuation actions, forced execution, enforcement appeals, payment orders.
Labor law
Our team has an outstanding experience in labor law, both contentious and non-contentious, and constantly collaborates with clients to understand the cause of work problems within their organization and to recommend, accordingly, strategies to solve the cause of these problems.
Business and corporate law
We offer complete legal assistance and advice in the field of companies and, at the same time, we assist and represent clients of individuals and legal entities in the activity of setting up a company, drafting articles of incorporation and declarations, and completing the necessary registration formalities.
Consumer Law
Our firm can offer you personalized services such as: legal advice, assistance and representation in the matter of abusive clauses in banking contracts or legal advice, assistance and consumer representation.
Administrative and Fiscal Law
Legal advice in connection with acts, actions of public authorities and institutions, provided both to individual clients and to legal persons, public authorities and institutions.
Real estate transactions
Coordination of complex, long-term projects, involving the elaboration of documentation, facilitation of negotiations, management of legal and regulatory issues.
Insolvency Procedure
Complete legal services for all stages of restructuring and insolvency proceedings. We provide assistance to creditors, debtors, and other parties involved in such proceedings.
Associations and Foundations
Complete legal services for the establishment of associations / foundations and their registration in the Register of Associations and Foundations.
The field of data protection is present in every company, in almost all functions and at any level of them.


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Legal Assistance, Representation, Consulting and Drafting Services