Business and Corporate Law

The law firm Anca Săsăran offers legal advice in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, in the formulation of specific clauses and adapted to clients, to ensure their rights and obligations in the contractual legal relationship. We offer complete legal assistance and advice in the field of companies and, at the same time, we assist and represent clients of individuals and legal entities in the activity of setting up a company, drafting articles of incorporation, declarations, and completing the necessary registration formalities.

In terms of contracts, we offer you complete services, such as:

  • Drafting contracts such as:
    • Contract of sale;
    • Lease;
    • Mandate contract;
    • Service contract;
    • Debt assignment contract;
    • Loan contract;
    • Assignment contract of shares;
    • Commission contract;
    • Donation contract;
    • Custody contract;
  • Analysis and approval in terms of legality of civil and commercial contracts received for verification;
  • Legal assistance in negotiating contracts;
  • Legal assistance in concluding contracts;
  • Other services relating to commercial and civil contracts;

In the matter of companies , we assist and represent clients, natural and legal persons, in the general meetings of the companies, drafting specific documents for the activity of a company. At the same time, we assist and represent clients of individuals and legal entities in negotiations, having as object the operation and modification of companies (mergers, divisions), as well as in disputes having as object the establishment, operation, modification or termination of companies.

We also offer legal advice and assistance on the following formalities to be completed before the Trade Register Office by companies, authorized individuals, sole proprietorships or family businesses.:

  • establishment and registration;
  • drafting articles of incorporation, decisions of general meetings, decisions of the governing bodies of companies;
  • attestation of the identity of the parties, of the content and of the date of the documents presented for authentication;
  • drafting loan and rental contracts, and other specific documents;
  • modification of the registered office, of the name or of the management bodies;
  • the establishment or abolition of working points;
  • assignment of shares;
  • change and revocation of administrators;
  • increasing and reducing the share capital;
  • modification and authorization of object of activity;
  • dissolution, liquidation, deregistration of companies;
  • representation before the Trade Register Office;
  • appointment / removal of administrators;
  • CAEN re-encodings;
  • other formalities required to be completed before the ORC(Trade Registre Office);