Civil law

In the field of civil law, the Law Firm Anca Săsăran has a solid experience, meaning that it can support you through legal advice, drafting documents, representation and assistance, in the following types of actions, but without limiting ourselves to those listed by way of example:

Actions related to Family Law

  • Drafting and submitting divorce documents to the competent court;
  • Actions having as object the establishment of the maintenance pension for minors, actions having as object the exercise of the exclusive parental authority by a single parent, establishing the visitation program, supplementing the consent of a parent when leaving the country with the minor or performing his acts;
  • In urgent cases, the formulation of a request for the issuance of a presidential ordinance;
  • Legal assistance and representation in the processes of sharing the property of the spouses;
  • Assistance in possible negotiations with the opposing party, in order to conclude an agreement for the sharing of common goods;
  • Actions on minors resulting from out of wedlock;

Actions regarding goods

  • Real estate claims
  • Expropriations
  • Establishing the property right or another real right
  • Usucapion
  • Owner’s shares
  • Delimitation of property boundaries
  • Actions having as object dismemberments of the property right
  • Actions having as object exits from division, sharing
  • Land book shares

Actions relating to successions
Contractual civil liability actions
Actions regarding tortious civil liability
Evacuation actions
Enforcement actions
Payment orders